Business Philosophy

As a Registered Investment Adviser, I manage money for individuals, corporate executives, business owners and high net-worth retirees. More than simply purchasing stocks and bonds, my goal as an adviser is to help people accomplish their financial goals. Individual financial goals range dramatically -- from retiring early or sending children to college, to reducing tax liability or achieving and maintaining the highest possible net worth. My clients have strong commitments to reach their goals, but may not have the time, interest, knowledge or information to fully manage their finances on a daily basis. The backbone of my philosophy is the client relationship. These relationships are built on trust, confidentiality and communication. Providing this solid foundation encourages long-term relationships in which my clients can rely on me. My plan for each client is case specific and considers investment needs, ability and/or willingness to assume risk, tax liabilities, and any other personal situations that may impact investment decisions. By setting a specific, strategic goal for each client, I can help improve the prospect of achieving investment goals in a disciplined and organized fashion. In order to achieve an individual client’s investment goals, the client and I formulate a plan that will help them get from point A, their present financial situation, to point B, their desired financial goal. As an adviser, I am responsible for designing and implementing a plan to help the client get from point A to B as quickly as possible. To achieve this, I follow four steps consistently.

Inventory of Current Assets: A detailed examination of a client’s current financial situation helps in establishing the risk tolerance, investment choices, income needs and long term goals of each investor.

Design: After reviewing a client’s current inventory, I design a comprehensive investment strategy incorporating goals and risk parameters. Together with the client, we discuss the results of my design and develop an asset allocation strategy that we both agree upon.

Strategy and Implementation: Once a client and I agree upon a strategy, we establish an account that will accomplish our investment objectives. This involves the selection and implementation of specific investments to coordinate with your asset allocation strategy.

Review and Evaluation: Regular review of the design and strategy is necessary in order to monitor performance and make adjustments as required by the market, the economy, or a client’s financial situation.

I have an intense commitment to the individuals I serve. Additionally, I am fully committed to utilizing the best available professional resources and cutting edge technology. Through creative thinking and flexible approaches, we are able to combine these two elements. This allows me to deliver the most comprehensive planning and investment services available today.


“Riverflow Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Adviser. Advisory services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where Riverflow Wealth Management and its representatives are properly licensed or exempt from licensure...”

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